Mechelsesteenweg 662
B-3020 Herent
T. +32 (0) 16 23 94 41
F. +32 (0) 16 20 63 78


Our fleet of vehicles carries goods throughout the country and abroad and we also provide a distribution service for goods in Belgium. Our fleet consists of 15 trucks, 23 tractors, 60 trailers, 3 volume combinations and 3 vans.  All of our rolling stock is constantly being updated and maintained.

More than 1000 tons of goods are transported every day by this fleet. We also carry part-loads (or LTL = Less than Truck Load) and full loads (FTL = Full Truck Load) both within Belgium and abroad. Our main destinations are the Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Our distribution business also takes us to over 150 destinations in Belgium every day.

All of our trucks have ADR equipment and all of our drivers and warehousemen have ADR training certificates and receive additional training on an ongoing basis.

Dispatching and transport planning are handled at our offices in Herent by experienced and enthusiastic staff who ensure that a fast and flexible solution is always tailored for the customer. They also carry out all administrative support tasks and customs formalities.

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